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Neil Lane on Cersei's Recreation of Thrones Crown

Spring is right here, however winter is coming. Recreation of Thrones Season 8 premieres on HBO on April 14, and this season, we’ll discover out who will end with the crown. There are a handful of contenders, however technically, Recreation of Thrones Season 7 concluded, the one one with a crown on her head was Cersei Lannister.

Of all GoT’s statement-making items, Cersei’s crown — which made its debut on the finish of Season 6 — is among the most compelling. Its wearer, although seemingly villainous, stays the one of many few characters who has remained for the reason that starting —so it’s solely becoming that her headpiece would symbolize energy, persistence, and her journey to say the Iron Throne, as soon as and for all.

Beneath, we break down the long-lasting headpiece — what it appears to be like like, what it’s product of, and what it might imply for Cersei's motives in Season 8.

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The Heart Lion’s Head

With a metal, woven base and a spiked heart icon, Cersei’s crown is straightforward, however eye-catching nonetheless. The crown’s center piece, an abstracted lion — the Lannister household sigil and crest — carries essentially the most weight, each actually and figuratively talking.

The lion is often related to energy, ferocity, and management. The lion’s mane inside the crown has additionally been stated to resemble the Iron Throne, which we all know to be Cersei’s final need. And whereas the middle as a complete undeniably resembles Cersei’s household crest (highlighting a connection to her lineage), we see that it’s nonetheless distinctive—she has created a variation of the crest to suggest her personal tumultuous journey and newfound independence.

That is fairly a distinction to the crown that beforehand adorned Cersei’s head; the outdated crown delicate antler accents referenced the crest of her deceased husband, binding her to Robert’s title, energy, and id. However Cersei’s new crown, with heart shards serving as a protection towards outsiders, radiates an authority that’s all her personal.

Cersei Neil Lane Cersei Neil Lane Credit score: HBO

The Woven Base

The bottom of the crown, a sequence of tightly woven knots, is elegantly juxtaposed towards the pointed edges of the crown’s heart. These knots would appear to symbolize an unbreakable bond, however we all know that in her quest for the throne, Cersei has disentangled herself from all current relationships. The knots do meet within the heart of the crown, nonetheless, the place they’re unified by the Lannister household crest. In different phrases, Cersei’s connection to her lineage, her ancestors who had been exalted as rich and highly effective leaders, has grow to be the one related hyperlink in her life. It’s what she now derives a few of her energy from — and the sentiment she might use to be completely ruthless towards her enemies in Season 8.

The Silver Metallic

The silver from which the crown is product of is meant to convey a type of simplicity, maybe even a little bit of starkness. Contemplating Cersei’s most up-to-date experiences — the lack of her youngsters and her Stroll of Atonement — it’s no shock that she’s not as vibrant as she as soon as was. Her crown serves as a logo of her inner bleakness and solidarity.

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Paradoxically, Cersei appears to derive energy from this austerity; whereas she might have opted for an opulent crown lined in priceless jewels and gold, she chooses to put on a easy silver headpiece. It’s a logo of her newfound id as ruler of King's Touchdown, and consequently, her newfound energy. The shortage of sparkle and glamour highlights her disinterest in masquerading behind airs or standing symbols that others may use to show a declare to the throne in Season 8. As is the case with most royal headpieces, the true worth of Cersei’s crown is discovered within the energy it provides its wearer.

Judging by Cersei’s present standing because the self-proclaimed ruler of the Seven Kingdoms, this crown is an ideal match.

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