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Learn how to Do Mermaid Pose (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana) in Yoga

Additionally Identified As: Pigeon variation

Targets: Hip opener, heart-opener, backbend

Stage: Superior

Pigeon Pose provides a variety of variations permitting you to discover the motion at any stage of your follow. From the Pigeon prep model you have in all probability carried out in yoga courses to the intense backbend of One-Legged King Pigeon Pose (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana), Mermaid Pose gives an in-between that may be an awesome alternative to go deeper. Even in the event you’re not fairly prepared to maneuver into Mermaid, begin to experiment with partaking your legs and grabbing maintain of your again foot.

Take into account that that is a sophisticated pose that ought to solely be practiced after getting mastered Pigeon Pose. Some regard it as extra superior than One-Legged King Pigeon Pose and say to not go on to Mermaid till you have got mastered that pose as properly. Mermaid requires very open hips and you have to to make sure you have carried out the preparatory poses to enhance flexibility in that space. In any other case, you may pressure your hip flexors and will even injure your knees by putting stress on them.


This pose stretches the hips, quads, groin, and shoulders. Additionally it is a backbend that opens the guts. In getting ready for this pose, you’ll develop nice flexibility in your hips, shoulders, and again. Additionally, you will problem your stability. Practising this pose will aid you construct even higher flexibility, which is able to aid you all through your every day life.

Step-by-Step Directions

  1. Start in Pigeon prep together with your proper leg ahead. 
  2. Bend your again knee (the left aspect on this case) and seize maintain of your left foot together with your left hand. 
  3. Slide your foot into the criminal of your left elbow. You possibly can cease right here or progress to the following step.
  4. Attain your proper arm straight up towards the ceiling. Bend your elbow, drop your proper hand behind your head
  5. Carry your fingers to satisfy. Press the again of your head into your proper arm.
  6. Attempt to not fall over onto the proper aspect of your hip. Maintain your chest pointing towards the entrance of your mat.
  7. Launch your foot, slowly decrease your leg with management, and repeat the pose with the left knee ahead.

There may be one main alignment level that is value going over. As you transition from the relaxed ahead fold of Pigeon prep to the extra lively upright variations of the pose (Mermaid and One-Legged King Pigeon), you must change the best way that your legs are interacting with the ground. In forward-folding Pigeon, your legs are mainly melting into the ground as you attempt to launch any stress in your hips. Once you come upright, you must change the trajectory of your legs from down into the ground to up towards the ceiling. This requires you to have interaction your thighs strongly and draw them towards each other isometrically. As you do that, your hips will in all probability additionally come additional off the ground. That is OK. It provides your Mermaid some stability so that you’re not rolling onto and thereby resting in your proper hip.

Widespread Errors

To forestall damage and get essentially the most from this pose, keep away from these errors.

Forcing the Backbend

You should be versatile sufficient so the again and shoulders permit the chest to come back ahead. If you happen to attempt to power it, the again will probably be put into a clumsy place that might result in damage. You’ll acquire flexibility over time as you follow poses that enhance higher physique flexibility. Don’t rush it.

Modifications and Variations

This superior pose takes regular follow to realize and you could want to switch it earlier than progressing.

Want a Modification?

In case you are a newbie, cease after step two. Work on pulling your foot towards your physique to stretch the quad.

Or, attain your proper hand round the proper aspect of your physique to understand your left ankle. With each fingers holding the ankle, sit back into the left foot. 

Up for a Problem?

Mermaid Pose is sweet preparation and level of entry for One-Legged King Pigeon Pose.

Security and Precautions

Keep away from this pose if in case you have any knee, ankle, hip, or shoulder. You shouldn’t really feel any stress on the knee. If you happen to really feel any joint or again ache throughout this pose, launch the pose.

Attempt It Out

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