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The right way to Do Plow Pose (Halasana) in Yoga

Additionally Recognized As: Plough Pose

Targets: Shoulders, again, neck, hamstrings, and calves

Stage: Intermediate

To prop or to not prop? That’s the query in Plow Pose (Halasana) simply as it’s in Shoulderstand. Every trainer might have their very own opinion about whether or not you must use a folded blanket below your shoulders on this pose. These educated in Iyengar yoga are sturdy advocates for the prop. The concept is that utilizing the blanket makes extra room for the neck so it does not get compressed and permits for a impartial backbone.


Plow Pose stretches the shoulders, again, neck, hamstrings, and calves. It’s a pose that can stretch the paraspinal muscle tissues of the decrease again, which are sometimes not focused in different poses, and should assist relieve a backache—although it ought to nonetheless be practiced with warning. Normally, plow is taken into account to be a soothing and calming pose.

Step-by-Step Directions

Come to lie in your again. If you’re utilizing a blanket, place your self along with your shoulders on the blanket and your head and neck on the ground. Tuck your shoulder blades below.

  1. Convey your arms onto the bottom and lengthen them towards the entrance of your mat along with your palms going through down. Press into your palms and forearms for leverage to elevate your legs to 90 levels and pause there. Then elevate your butt and use your abs to deliver your toes up and over your head till your toes contact the ground behind your head. Maintain your legs straight.
  2. Convey your palms collectively and interlace your fingers, maintaining your arms straight. Attain the knuckles towards the entrance of the mat whereas rooting into shoulders however lifting the chest for size.
  3. In case your shoulders have moved, fastidiously rock your shoulders again beneath of you one after the other. Your hips ought to be aligned over your shoulders. Press into the toes for help and stability.
  4. As soon as you might be in place, don’t flip your head to go searching the room, as this may be harmful to your neck. Maintain your neck in its impartial alignment and your gaze upward.
  5. Because the diaphragm is compressed, it is exhausting to breathe on this place. Attempt to keep for five deep breaths.
  6. To come back out, first return your arms onto the bottom, palms going through down. Launch your arms, elevate your toes, and roll the backbone one vertebra at a time slowly all the way down to your mat. Maintain your legs straight and toes collectively.

Widespread Errors

Plow Pose is just not for freshmen. It is advisable be well-accustomed with the fundamentals and perceive correct physique alignment. Additionally, you will have to have enough flexibility to do it safely. In the event you can not do Shoulderstand, you aren’t prepared for Plow.

Prop Misuse

Plow Pose can put your neck in a susceptible place in case you place an excessive amount of weight on the highest of the spinal column (your cervical backbone). Utilizing a blanket as a prop will help shield the neck so the load will likely be in your shoulders as an alternative of your neck.

In the event you use a blanket, it have to be arrange appropriately. The blanket ought to be folded into an oblong form that’s about as vast as your yoga mat. You’ll be able to stack a number of thinly folded blankets if you need extra peak.

Place the blanket on the very finish of your mat or towards the center of it. The essential factor is that your shoulders are on the blanket and your head is off of it, resting on the naked flooring. That is so your head can slide if crucial. Set your self up this fashion after which elevate the legs overhead.

In the event you do not just like the blanket, you will get the same impact by ensuring that your shoulder blades are firmly tucked, making a bit of platform to your again as is commonly carried out in Bridge Pose.

Modifications and Variations

There are just a few methods that can assist you obtain this pose, and you should use this pose as a part of a tougher sequence.

Want a Modification?

In case your legs can not absolutely lengthen overhead and onto the ground then you must carry out a special pose to keep away from placing stress on the cervical backbone. Strive doing a Bridge Pose or Legs Up the Wall, as an alternative.

Up for a Problem?

Plow Pose is an effective launching pad for Shoulderstand. After your Shoulderstand, come out via Ear Strain Pose (Karnapidasana).

Security and Precautions

Don’t do Plow Pose when you’ve got any neck, shoulder, or again accidents or power ache situations. You must also keep away from it in situations the place you do not need elevated blood stress in your head, similar to glaucoma, following dental bone grafts, or with uncontrolled hypertension.

Strive It Out

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