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How one can Do Pyramid Pose (Parsvottonasana) in Yoga

Additionally Identified As: Intense Aspect Stretch Pose, Intense Flank Stretch Pose

Targets: Hamstrings, shoulders

Degree: Newbie

Pyramid Pose is a kind of poses the place you possibly can actually see the outcomes of constant observe. It is also an incredible warmup for any hamstring intensive poses that you simply may need deliberate. Holding your fingers on the ground or on blocks at first will forestall tipping over. It is OK to widen your stance towards the perimeters of your mat for a similar cause. Later, you can begin to include your core energy extra by lifting your fingers off the ground and narrowing your stance.


This pose stretches and strengthens the legs, particularly the hamstrings, and improves core energy. It’s a nice spinal stretch and likewise stretches your shoulders and builds your stability and coordination. In case you interact in working and related actions that tighten the hamstrings, this pose will assist you to keep flexibility. Additionally it is good for sustaining flexibility for all of these on a regular basis duties when you could bend over. The ahead bend is an inversion and you can be sending blood to your mind, which can assist present psychological readability.

Step-by-Step Directions

  1. From Downward-Dealing with Canine (Adho Mukha Svanasana), carry your proper foot ahead to the within of your proper hand.
  2. Come as much as your fingertips.
  3. Step your left foot ahead a couple of foot. Flip your left toes out barely and decrease your left heel in order that the only real of your foot is flat on the mat.
  4. Straighten your proper leg.
  5. Elevate your torso to a standing place.
  6. Put each fingers in your hips to make it possible for your hip factors are dealing with in direction of the entrance of the mat.
  7. Inhale to lengthen the backbone.
  8. On the following exhale, deepen your proper hip crease as you come right into a ahead bend over your proper leg. Hold a flat again as you decrease your self. Whenever you come to your full extension, it is OK to let the backbone spherical a bit. Decrease your fingers to the ground. Keep in your fingertips or flatten your palms to the ground.
  9. On every inhale, lengthen the backbone. You may even come as much as a flat again on the inhales. On every exhale, take the ahead bend a bit deeper. Hold drawing the proper hip again to maintain your hips squared. Microbend your proper knee so it isn’t locked. Keep for round 5 breaths.
  10. To maintain the physique in stability, repeat on the left aspect.

Widespread Errors

Keep away from these errors to do that pose accurately.

Slender Stance

Your ft ought to be on prepare tracks, not a tightrope. When you have hassle squaring your hips to the entrance, take your prepare tracks a bit wider. This may additionally assist you to keep stability.

Palms on Shins

Do not grasp your shins along with your fingers. They need to be on the ground, on blocks, or held behind your again clasping reverse elbow with reverse hand.

Modifications and Variations

This pose has variations particularly within the placement of the arms that may make it simpler or tougher.

Want a Modification?

In case your fingers do not attain the ground whenever you ahead bend, use blocks below them for assist. It is necessary that your fingers relaxation upon one thing aside from your shin.

Up for a Problem?

To include a stability problem, attempt interlacing your fingers behind your again when you’re standing upright. Take the fingers up and over your head when you ahead bend.

One other variation is to take reverse namaste behind your again. Hold your palms pressed collectively and your elbows shifting again as you ahead bend.

Security and Precautions

Keep away from this pose when you’ve got any harm or situation affecting your hamstrings, hips, again, shoulders, or wrists. Due to the deep bend, you need to keep away from it when you’ve got hypertension, coronary heart illness, glaucoma, or are pregnant (particularly within the third trimester).

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