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Tips on how to Do Downward Going through Canine Break up (Eka Pada Adho Mukha Svanasana) in Yoga

Additionally Recognized As: Three-Legged Canine, Down Canine Break up

Targets: Arms, shoulders, legs, again

Stage: Intermediate

One of the crucial vital alignment cues for standing yoga poses is whether or not the hips are closed (squared) or open. As an example, they’re squared in Warrior I however open in Warrior II. Novices typically have a tough time realizing what this implies and feeling it of their our bodies. Down Canine Break up illustrates it very properly. This pose additionally provides you a full-body stretch. It may be a transitional pose in a Vinyasa yoga observe.


This pose strengthens the arms and core, improves hip flexibility, and will increase consciousness of hip place. In Downward Going through Canine, each hip factors are aimed in the identical path (roughly talking, the ground). That is the closed place.

Once you carry one leg to come back into Three-Legged Canine, hold the hip factors in the identical place, going through the ground. Your lifted leg stays in the identical airplane, it simply comes off the ground like a lever. In case you are reasonably versatile, the leg will in all probability come no greater than hip degree. One method to examine your orientation is to make it possible for your toes are nonetheless pointing straight down on the flooring.

To really feel the open place, stack one hip level on high of the opposite. Your leg will be capable of carry a lot greater this fashion, maybe even perpendicular to the ground. Your foot opens 90 levels so your toes at the moment are pointing together with your mat. Should you bend your high knee, your heel comes towards your reverse buttock. Going backwards and forwards between the closed and open positions is a helpful train that offers you an consciousness you’ll be able to carry into different poses. 

Step-by-Step Directions

Start in Downward Going through Canine.

  1. On an inhale, increase your proper leg off the bottom behind you.
  2. Preserve your hips degree with each other as you carry the precise leg. The hips ought to keep squared with the ground.
  3. Proceed releasing the left heel towards the ground. Attempt to hold an equal quantity of weight in each your arms.
  4. Lengthen by way of the raised proper heel and the crown of your head.
  5. After holding the pose with the hips squared for a number of breaths, you’ll be able to open the precise hip, stacking it over the left hip. This can enable the precise leg to come back greater and provide you with a pleasant hip stretch. Though you might be opening the hips, attempt to hold the torso from twisting to the left.
  6. Within the open hips place, you’ll be able to bend the precise knee and let the precise heel come towards your left buttock.
  7. After a number of breaths, straighten the precise leg and re-square your hips towards the ground.
  8. Launch the precise foot again to the ground. Take a number of breaths in downward canine after which repeat the sequence on the left aspect.

Widespread Errors

To get essentially the most out of your pose, keep away from these errors.

Heel Place

Be sure you don’t spike the left heel whenever you increase the precise leg. Preserve the heel reaching towards the ground. Nevertheless, it does not want to the touch the ground. Do not place your ft nearer to your arms in an try to keep up heel contact.

Sagging or Rounded Again

Your again needs to be a straight line with lifted pelvis.

Modifications and Variations

As with most yoga poses, you’ll be able to change this pose to fulfill your observe degree and talents.

Want a Modification?

Don’t fret about how excessive your proper leg comes. It’s extra vital to maintain the hips squared at first.

When you’ve got wrist ache, you are able to do the identical pose utilizing Dolphin as your beginning place. 

Up for a Problem?

Together with your hips open and lifted knee bent (step 6, above), make three huge circles along with your knee in every path.

The open hips place is an efficient entrance level to flip your canine. Transfer into Wild Factor if that’s a part of your observe.

Security and Precautions

As this pose includes an inversion, it’s not really helpful if in case you have hypertension or glaucoma. It additionally needs to be prevented if in case you have a wrist, ankle, or shoulder downside. It needs to be prevented within the third trimester of being pregnant.

Strive It Out

Incorporate this transfer and comparable ones into certainly one of these common exercises:

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  • Power-Constructing Yoga Poses
  • House Yoga Exercise

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