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The best way to Do Prolonged Aspect Angle (Utthita Parsvakonasana) in Yoga

Additionally Identified As: Warrior Angle (Virabhadra Konasana)

Targets: Legs, hips, hamstrings, chest-opener

Stage: Newbie

Prolonged Aspect Angle Pose is usually taught in Vinyasa stream courses as a part of a standing sequence. It’s a nice alternative to deepen right into a basic form with a deal with stability, breath, and increasing by the aspect physique. You may additionally use it to organize for poses which have a large groin unfold, comparable to Sure Angle Pose or Extensive-Angle Seated Ahead Fold Pose.


Prolonged Aspect Angle strengthens and stretches the legs, hips, and hamstrings. It additionally opens the chest and shoulders, which will be helpful if in case you have any stiffness in your shoulders or again. Prolonged Aspect Angle can also be a terrific aspect physique stretch.

Step-by-Step Directions

You could start in Mountain Pose (Tadasana) dealing with the good distance on the mat.

  1. Exhale and step your left foot behind in direction of the again of the mat with entrance foot staying on the high.
  2. Elevate and lengthen your arms out horizontally out of your sides, with palms down.
  3. Angle your proper heel towards the middle of your mat. Opinions range on the best angle for the foot in relation to the ankle. Someplace between 90 (which might be parallel to the again fringe of your yoga mat) and 45 (toes pointing on the high left nook of your mat) levels is appropriate.
  4. Bend your proper knee in order that your calf and thigh type a proper angle together with your thigh parallel to the ground.
  5. Relaxation your proper forearm on the suitable thigh with the palm turned up in direction of the ceiling. If you would like to deepen the stretch, deliver your proper hand inside or outdoors the suitable foot, relying on which is extra snug.You may place the suitable fingertips on the ground for added size and to additionally keep away from dumping the load within the shoulder. A block beneath the hand can also be welcomed. Bear in mind to carry the load out of the shoulder whereas partaking the core for assist.
  6. Elevate your left arm up and lengthen it over the ear. Attain by finger suggestions whereas urgent firmly into the pinky toe aspect of the again foot.
  7. Open your chest and ensure your left shoulder is aligned over your proper shoulder.
  8. Convey your gaze up towards your left hand.
  9. Elevate the torso up on an inhale extending arms extensive. Pivot the ft and torso to face the highest of the mat and step ahead, returning to tadasana.
  10. To maintain the physique in stability, repeat the pose together with your left foot ahead.

You will want to change these directions accordingly if you’re ranging from Downward Going through Canine or Warrior II.

Frequent Errors

Knee Forward of Ankle

You don’t want your bent knee to increase farther ahead than your ankle as that can put elevated stress in your knee. Attempt to preserve your knee immediately aligned together with your heel. Alter your stance so it’s wider to accommodate this, or bend your leg rather less.

Knee Turning Inwards

In case your knee collapses inward, which can occur if in case you have tight hips, it will probably put stress on the knee joint. Hold your toes and knee aligned all through the transfer.

Leaning on Arm

Your decrease hand must be providing you with a little bit assist, nevertheless it must be a light-weight quantity. Alter so your weight is generally in your legs.

Heel Off of Floor

Your again heel ought to stay on the bottom. When you discover it retains lifting, place your self so your foot is towards a wall. This gives you a little bit extra assist and permit you to press the foot into the wall.

Chest Turning In the direction of Ground

When you attempt to place your proper hand on the ground (as a substitute of resting the forearm on the thigh) it could be troublesome so that you can open your chest towards the ceiling. Overreaching for the ground is what makes your chest flip downwards as a substitute. You may both preserve the forearm on the thigh till you’ve better flexibility or you need to use a block.

Place the block below the suitable hand. This extra top will be sufficient to liberate the chest. Just remember to will not be resting your torso in your leg however are slightly utilizing your core power to maintain it lifted. 

Modifications and Variations

Want a Modification?

When you’ve got a neck drawback or expertise neck discomfort if you direct your gaze to your high arm, as a substitute look to the aspect and even down at your mat so long as your chest stays open.

Use a block below your ahead hand in case your hand does not naturally attain the ground.

Up for a Problem?

  • Convey your proper arm up off the ground (or the thigh) in order that each arms body your face and attain towards the entrance of the room. 
  • Convey your left arm behind your again. Attain your left fingertips round your proper aspect to understand the within of your proper thigh for a half bind. If that feels good, you may go for the complete bind by lifting the suitable hand off the ground to fulfill your left hand behind your again.

Security and Precautions

Keep away from this pose if in case you have an harm to your hips, knees, neck, or shoulders. It shouldn’t be carried out when you’ve a headache, hypertension, or low blood stress.

Attempt It Out

Incorporate this transfer and related ones into one among these common exercises:

  • Standing pose sequence
  • Prolonged aspect angle pose variation sequence
  • Coronary heart opening pose sequence

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