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Easy methods to Do Lotus Pose (Padmasana) in Yoga

Additionally Identified As: Lotus Place

Targets: Knees, ankles

Stage: Superior

Whereas Lotus Pose (Padmasana) is among the most recognizable yoga poses, it’s a sophisticated pose that is not applicable for the vast majority of practictioners. Partially, it is because most Westerners have gotten out of the behavior of squatting and sitting on the ground and subsequently have restricted hip mobility. The excellent news is that your hip mobility could enhance over time with constant apply, making Lotus potential.


Lotus Pose opens your hips and stretches your knees and ankles. Historically, it’s mentioned to alleviate menstrual ache and be good for sciatica. It’s a calming pose that can be utilized for meditation after you have mastered it.

Step-by-Step Directions

Chances are you’ll wish to place a blanket below your sit bones to arrange for Lotus.

  1. From Workers Pose, bend your proper knee and use your palms to deliver the precise ankle to the left hip crease with the only real of the precise foot dealing with upward. Settle the foot within the hip crease. 
  2. Bend your left knee and use your palms to cross the left ankle over to the precise hip crease with the only real of the left foot dealing with up.
  3. Sit up tall with an extended backbone and your shoulders transferring away out of your ears. Place palms on thighs, palms dealing with up with shoulders drawing again and down. Actively lengthen the crown of your head upwards.
  4. Calm down your knees towards the ground.
  5. After 10 to twenty breaths, launch the legs and repeat the posture along with your left foot on the underside and your proper foot on prime.

Frequent Errors

Get essentially the most out of this pose by avoiding these errors.

Not Having Sufficient Hip Flexibility

To be able to get into full Lotus, the legs should have the vary of movement to externally rotate out from the pelvis. Forcing the legs into place will truly not have the impact of opening the hips however will as a substitute switch the pressure down the leg to the knee joint, which is extra probably to provide.

As you’ll be able to think about, this isn’t an excellent situation for the knees. Elevating the seat by sitting up on a blanket helps place the hips, but it surely’s not going to create the mandatory mobility if it is not there. As a substitute, you will have to work your means as much as full Lotus by doing Half Lotus and different hip-openers.

Pondering It's Important for Meditation

Regardless of the prevailing concept that Lotus is the popular pose for meditation, that apply actually does not rely in any respect on the place during which you sit so long as it’s comfy.

Options embrace Half Lotus, Hero Pose, or Simple Pose. You may even meditate whereas sitting in a chair if that is the place that encourages ease within the physique.

Modifications and Variations

You may make this pose extra comfy or ehance it in a number of methods.

Want a Modification?

First develop into comfy with Half Lotus. You may also put together with Cobbler’s Pose, Hero Pose, and Head-to-Knee Pose. Proceed to apply commonly and your hips will open extra over time. 

Up for a Problem?

  • Apply bringing your legs into Lotus with out utilizing your palms. 
  • As soon as you might be in Lotus, plant your palms on the ground on both facet of the hips and raise your butt and crossed legs off the ground to come back into Scale Pose (Tolasana).
  • In the event you can come into Lotus legs with out your palms, you’ll be able to apply the pose in Shoulderstand or Headstand.

Security and Precautions

It’s best to keep away from this pose when you have any accidents to your knees or ankles.

Make sure that you could have correctly warmed up earlier than sitting in Lotus Pose and that the rotation wanted to deliver your toes on prime of your thighs is coming out of your hips, not your knees.

In the event you really feel any ache or that your knee is being twisted, gently again out of the pose.

Attempt It Out

Incorporate this transfer and related ones into one among these in style exercises:

  • Seated Yoga Poses
  • Hip-Opening Yoga Poses

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