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Easy methods to Do Straightforward Pose (Sukhasana) in Yoga

Verywell / Ben Goldstein

Targets: Again, knee, ankle

Stage: Newbie

Straightforward Pose (Sukhasana) is the title for any snug, cross-legged, seated place, and one of the vital fundamental poses utilized in yoga follow and meditation. On this case, nonetheless, simple does not imply the other of inauspicious. It means “with ease.”

So, sitting in Sukhasana is definitely sitting any means you may with ease. For some individuals, utilizing props comparable to blankets, towels, and yoga blocks might help you are feeling as snug as potential on this pose.


Straightforward Pose is a hip-opening pose that stretches the knees and ankles and strengthens the again. It’s also a chilled pose and it’s one generally used for meditation and practising respiratory workout routines.

Whereas youngsters typically sit on this place, adults get used to sitting in chairs and develop tight hips. Straightforward Pose might help open up tight hips.

Sukhasana affords quite a lot of advantages for people who find themselves pregnant. Along with opening the hips, it helps stretch the backbone, will increase power, uplifts temper, improves digestion, and betters respiratory.

Step-by-Step Directions

  1. Organize supportive padding (blanket, block, or bolster) underneath your sit bones so your hips will likely be larger than your knees while you come into the pose.
  2. Come to take a seat in your padding in a snug, cross-legged place. Shift the flesh of your butt to every facet together with your palms in order that your sit bones have a agency basis.
  3. Lean forwards and backwards and facet to facet together with your torso a number of instances to ensure your shoulders are aligned instantly over your hips. Slide the shoulder blades down your again so your shoulders transfer away out of your ears. The crown of your head ought to rise in direction of the ceiling.
  4. Your palms can relaxation in your lap or on the tops of your thighs. Flip your palms as much as be receptive or right down to really feel grounded.
  5. In your inhalations, really feel your backbone develop lengthy. In your exhalations, root down by your seat.

Widespread Errors

Sukhasana is a fairly easy pose, nevertheless it includes a number of components of the physique. As a way to get essentially the most advantages from the pose and keep away from discomfort and potential accidents, strive the following pointers for fine-tuning the place.

Higher Again and Neck

Slouching or permitting your chin to jut ahead whereas in Straightforward Pose can pressure your neck or higher again.


  • Elevate the breastbone and assume by way of your shoulders broadening away from one another (however not too far again).
  • Draw your chin in towards the entrance of your neck and picture the again of your neck being gently pulled upwards.

Lumbar Backbone

On this place, you might have an inclination to permit your decrease again to curve inwards (as in a backbend) or outwards (arching your again). Each can put strain on the backbone.


  • In case your again is curving inward, think about your tailbone sinking down towards the ground. This may permit your pelvis to tilt again barely and the lumbar backbone to straighten.
  • In case your again is curving outward, attempt to gently tilt the pelvic girdle ahead. Placing a blanket or blocks underneath the buttocks in order that the hips are raised somewhat can, for some individuals, make it simpler to take a seat with the pelvis tilted ahead sufficiently.


Sitting in Sukhasana can, in some instances, limit circulation within the legs. That is one thing to be particularly conscious of if you have already got a situation that compromises circulation, comparable to varicose veins or edema, or in case you are pregnant.

Indicators of restricted circulation embrace numbness or a pins-and-needles sensation within the legs and toes.


  • Do not pull your toes in too near your pelvis. Inserting them farther away will maintain your knees from bending an excessive amount of. Sitting on some padding may also maintain your knees from bending excessively.
  • Don’t remain within the place for too lengthy.
  • Think about an alternate pose, comparable to Workers Pose (Dandasana).


In case your hips aren’t that versatile, you might not be capable to place your knees near the bottom. This could have an effect on the posture and pressure your backbone.


  • Place yoga blocks or a blanket underneath your buttocks.
  • Inserting some padding underneath your knees may also provide you with extra stability and aid you really feel extra grounded on this place.

Toes and Ankles

If the knees are excessive off the bottom, this may trigger a major diploma of sideways flexion in your ankles, which might be uncomfortable. Or the skin of your ankles could also be uncomfortable as a result of they’re touching the bottom.


  • Place gentle padding beneath the ankles or use two yoga mats.
  • Tuck every foot underneath the other shin in a standard cross-legged place.
  • Convey one heel in towards your groin. The opposite foot might relaxation on the ground in entrance of you so your heels will line up. This configuration opens your legs somewhat wider.

Modifications and Variations

Want a Modification? 

In the event you take a yoga class, ask your teacher that will help you modify this place as a way to get essentially the most out of it and keep away from risking damage. Using padding underneath the ankles or seat can relieve many factors of strain.

Security and Precautions

This pose needs to be averted you probably have a knee damage. If you’re pregnant, at all times discuss to your physician earlier than doing this pose or another yoga pose.

Strive It Out

Incorporate this transfer and comparable ones, like Siddhasana, into one among these fashionable exercises:

  • Warmup Yoga Poses
  • Cool Down Yoga Poses
  • Hip Opening Yoga Poses

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