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Learn how to Do Downward Dealing with Canine (Adho Mukha Svanasana) in Yoga

Additionally Identified As: Downward Canine, Downdog

Targets: Hamstring and calf stretch, delicate inversion

Degree: Newbie

Downward Dealing with Canine (Adho Mukha Svanasana) is the poster pose for yoga. The explanation it has develop into the best-known asana is that it is so vital in modern apply. It could be the primary pose you be taught as you start a yoga apply. It’s executed many occasions throughout most yoga courses, notably in Vinyasa yoga. It acts as a transitional pose and is usually a resting place. Downward Canine is without doubt one of the poses within the Solar Salutation sequence.


Downward Dealing with Canine stretches the hamstrings and calves, and it strengthens the legs and arms. The pose additionally helps enhance the energy of the exterior indirect belly muscle tissue.

As a gentle inversion, Downward Canine acts in reverse of the same old forces in your backbone and brings extra blood move to your mind. When integrated right into a weekly yoga apply, it might even assist relieve power again ache.

Step-by-Step Directions

You are able to do this pose wherever you possibly can lay out a yoga mat.

  1. Come to your arms and knees together with your wrists beneath the shoulders and your knees beneath the hips.
  2. Curl your toes below and push again by way of your arms to carry your hips and straighten your legs.
  3. Unfold your fingers and floor down from the forearms into the fingertips.
  4. Outwardly rotate your higher arms to broaden the collarbones.
  5. Let your head cling and transfer your shoulder blades away out of your ears in the direction of your hips.
  6. Have interaction your quadriceps strongly to take the burden of your physique’s weight off your arms. This motion goes a great distance towards making this a resting pose.
  7. Rotate your thighs inward, preserve your tail excessive, and sink your heels in the direction of the ground.
  8. Examine that the space between your arms and ft is appropriate by coming ahead to a plank place. The gap between the arms and ft needs to be the identical in these two poses. Don’t step the ft towards the arms in Down Canine so as the get the heels to the ground.
  9. Exhale and bend your knees to launch and are available again to your arms and knees.

Frequent Errors

Not Releasing Your Heels

The commonest subject with rookies’ Downward Dealing with Canine is that they do not launch their heels towards the ground. If you’re up on the balls of your ft, it shifts the trajectory of the pose ahead as a substitute of again. It’s going to by no means be a resting place except you are taking your weight again into your heels.

This doesn’t suggest that the heels have to the touch the ground; they simply need to be shifting in that course. In case your instructor provides you an adjustment on this pose, it is most frequently to softly pull or push your hips again. Preserve that feeling in thoughts and use it to regulate your self.

Butt Place

To get your butt in the precise place, bend your knees, arising onto the balls of your ft (only for a minute!). Deliver your stomach to relaxation in your thighs and your sit bones up excessive. Then sink your heels and straighten your legs whereas maintaining the excessive upward rotation of the sit bones.

Banana Again

If you’re very versatile, strive to not let your rib cage sink in the direction of the ground, making a sinking backbone (also referred to as banana again). Draw your ribs in to take care of a flat again. 

Foot Place

Your toes needs to be pointing towards the entrance of your mat. It is fairly widespread for brand spanking new college students to need to flip their ft out, particularly in the event that they’ve had dance coaching.

The gap between the ft will also be problematic. Fairly often, college students take them too vast (close to the sides of the mat) or too slim (touching each other).

Your ft needs to be hip-width aside, which leaves about 6 inches of house between them, give or take a bit relying in your dimension. Arrange the ft appropriately, launch the heels, preserve your butt excessive, and you will have basis for this pose.

Modifications and Variations

Want a Modification?

When you’ve got very tight hamstrings, chances are you’ll not be capable of preserve your butt excessive and straighten your legs on the similar time. If that is the case, it is okay to maintain a slight bend in your knees. Your hamstrings will lengthen over time with the constant apply of different poses.

You’ll be able to place a yoga block below your head to do a restorative model of the pose. For larger consolation, you may as well use a block below your arms or a folded towel below your wrists.

Up for a Problem?

You’ll be able to deepen the pose by lifting your heels barely from the ground and putting the burden on the balls of your ft. Attract your pelvis after which return your heels to the ground.

Security and Precautions

This pose is not really helpful when you’ve got a wrist damage or carpal tunnel syndrome, or if you’re within the final trimester of being pregnant. It also needs to be prevented when you’ve got hypertension, coronary heart illness, vertigo, or a slipped disc in your backbone.

Attempt It Out

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  • Solar Salutations B Sequence

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