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Do a Headstand (Sirsasana) in Yoga

Targets: Core

Degree: Superior

Sirsasana, or a yoga headstand, will be an energizing pose. It is also one of many harder poses to grasp and, if finished incorrectly, may cause critical damage. This put up requires lengthy hamstrings, versatile backbone and shoulders, and strong higher physique power. It is essential to make sure you’re targeted, conditioned, and utilizing correct method earlier than making an attempt the pose by yourself.


When finished with focus, power, and care, headstands will be an invigorating a part of your yoga observe. The pose requires ability and psychological fortitude. It additionally develops your core power and challenges your complete physique—out of your shoulders to your toes, serving to you enhance your steadiness.

Step-by-Step Directions

  1. Get in your arms and knees together with your wrists beneath your shoulders and your knees beneath your hips.
  2. Carry your forearms to the ground, protecting your elbows instantly beneath your shoulders.
  3. Clasp every hand across the reverse elbow. Modify as wanted to make sure your elbows are the correct distance aside.
  4. Launch your arms out of your elbows.
  5. Clasp your arms collectively on the ground, interlacing your fingers (tuck the underside pinky into the basket of your hand to keep away from squishing it).
  6. Place the crown of your head on the ground. The very high of your head ought to be down—neither too far ahead nor again. The again of your head will relaxation on the bases of your thumbs reasonably than your arms holding your cranium.
  7. Raise your hips and straighten your legs as when you had been doing Downward-Going through Canine.
  8. Fastidiously stroll your toes in towards your head till your hips are as near over your shoulders as attainable.

9. Subsequent is the trickiest a part of the pose: lifting your toes off the ground. There are two strategies that work greatest for learners.

Utilizing both technique, you will need to begin by ensuring your weight is just not all in your head, however reasonably your aim ought to be to root down into forearms whereas lifting up and out of the shoulders.

Methodology 1
To ease up into the headstand:

  1. Raise your proper foot to carry your proper knee to your chest.
  2. Take just a few deep breaths. If you really feel regular, inhale and interact your core muscle tissue.
  3. In a gradual, managed, motion exhale as you elevate your left foot and convey it to your chest alongside your proper.
  4. Breathe deeply and maintain your core engaged for so long as you stay within the headstand pose.

Methodology 2
You can even do that technique of moving into the pose:

  1. Hold each legs straight. Inhale as you elevate your proper leg straight up towards the ceiling.
  2. Exhale. Be sure that your proper leg is totally according to your torso.
  3. As soon as you are feeling regular, inhale and interact your core to elevate your left leg up subsequent to your proper.

As soon as you might be in place:

  1. Steadiness there. Keep in mind to breath and maintain your core sturdy. If you’re first beginning out, attempt to keep within the pose for about 10 seconds.
  2. If you’re prepared to come back down, reverse the steps you used to get into the pose. Your actions ought to be gradual and managed.
  3. End by resting in Kid’s Pose.

Widespread Errors

You're Kicking Up

Keep in mind, your actions have to be managed—you do not need to kick up into the headstand.

Your Weight Isn't Distributed

Despite the fact that it is referred to as a headstand, your forearms are bearing weight too. In case you’re having hassle getting a really feel for the way to distribute your weight correctly (which can differ for everyone), strive inserting a blanket beneath your forearms for stability.

You're Shifting Too Quick

It doesn’t matter what stage of yoga observe and health you are at, doing a headstand incorrectly or rushing by means of the steps to get in (or out of) the pose can lead to main harm. Decelerate, keep targeted, keep in mind to breathe, and verify in together with your physique regularly.

Modifications and Variations

Want a Modification?

Headstands will be intimidating for much more skilled yogis. In case you’re nonetheless working up the power and confidence to do the pose, strive these modifications:

  • Follow in opposition to a wall: This may be particularly useful as you might be studying the way to get out and in of a headstand and might assist you as you observe your respiratory methods when you maintain the pose.
  • Use a spotter: The primary few occasions you attempt to get into the pose by yourself, it is a good suggestion to have somebody close by that can assist you out. Not solely can they provide help to keep away from damage, they’ll additionally present encouragement and reminders to breath.
  • Useful gear: Ask your teacher or coach about utilizing a device like a feet-up coach or yoga blocks that can assist you observe.

Up for a Problem?

Along with the 2 strategies talked about above for getting up into your headstand, you may also strive a 3rd—nevertheless it requires extra stomach power and is greatest saved for if you end up extra practiced.

This technique can have you retain each legs straight as you elevate them on the similar time to a vertical place:

After moving into the above-mentioned place:

  1. Get into the headstand place talked about above.
  2. In case your knees are bent, slowing straighten them vertically. In case your legs are straight, slowly elevate your backside leg to fulfill the one that’s already up.
  3. As soon as each legs are up, attain by means of the balls of your toes. 
  4. Press down strongly into your forearms.
  5. Maintain for at the least three breaths (you possibly can work as much as 10 breaths).
  6. Come out of the pose as suggested above.

Security and Precautions

Doing a headstand incorrectly can critically injure your neck. The small bones of the backbone in your neck are usually not designed to bear the burden of your complete physique.

Headstands are difficult, however the most secure method is to construct the pose from the bottom up, checking alongside the way in which to make sure your alignment is sweet, that you simply’re staying targeted, and that you’ve got the power you want to get into (and out of) the pose safely.

As at all times, speak to your physician earlier than you begin a yoga observe, particularly you probably have ailments or accidents affecting your neck or backbone. In case you’ve not too long ago had an damage or surgical procedure involving your neck, backbone, or head, you might must keep away from the pose till you have healed.

First Factor’s First

To keep away from neck pressure or disc herniation, work together with your teacher or coach to situation your physique and get targeted earlier than you try a full headstand by yourself.

Whereas many yoga poses will be calming, have a historical past of hypertension (hypertension) or take remedy to deal with it, or have glaucoma, your physician could advise you to keep away from inversion poses.

Some yoga lecturers advise college students to keep away from inversions or headstands when they’re feeling particularly wired, have not been sleeping nicely, or are weak and fatigued. In case you’re undecided you are feeling as much as a headstand at school, skip it or ask your teacher or coach for assist earlier than moving into the pose.

Resulting from modifications in circulation and a shifting middle of gravity, it is typically greatest to keep away from beginning any inversion practices, included headstands, when you’re pregnant.

In order for you the advantages of inversion a yoga headstand can present however you are not capable of do the pose but or in any respect, different poses can have related advantages. In case you’re recovering from an damage, surgical procedure, or have sure remedy circumstances, these choices could also be safer for you.

  • Handstand Pose (Adho Mukha Vrksasana)
  • Standing Ahead Bend (Uttanasana)
  • Inversion Tables or Tools

Strive It Out

Headstands will be an energizing pose and an excellent core exercise. In case you’re feeling assured, targeted, and robust, listed here are some methods to make them a part of your yoga routine or take your observe to the subsequent stage:

  • Superior Yoga
  • Antigravity Yoga
  • Scorching Yoga
  • Integral Yoga

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