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The best way to Do Siddhasana in Yoga

Additionally Recognized As: The completed pose, good pose

Targets: Hips, groin muscle tissues, decrease again, backbone

Tools Wanted: Yoga mat

Degree: Newbie

Siddhasana, also called the completed pose or good pose, is a newbie stage yoga place. The title of the pose comes from two completely different meanings: Siddha, which implies good or completed, and Asana, which implies pose.

Working towards Siddhasana can enhance your posture, lengthen your backbone, and open your hips, chest, and shoulders. Since you’ll be able to keep this pose for lengthy intervals of time, it’s additionally a super place for meditating. 

It’s additionally a wonderful train for rising flexibility in your hips and groin/inside thigh muscle tissues. The Siddhasana is likely one of the important core poses it’s best to add to your yoga line-up or carry out by itself, particularly if meditation and deep respiration are a part of your each day routine.


The Siddhasana pose stretches the hips, adductors, knees, and ankles. When carried out accurately, it additionally helps direct vitality out of your decrease physique upward by means of the backbone, which leads to a flat again, upright posture, and lengthy backbone. 

You’ll achieve essentially the most advantages from the Siddhasana by staying within the place for lengthy holds whereas training deep respiration. This lets you give attention to the tighter areas of your hips and thru sluggish, aware respiration, progressively open this space every time you carry out the pose. 

Working towards Siddhasana frequently might assist scale back stress ranges and reduce the signs related to anxiousness. Plus, sitting in a meditative pose whereas training deep respiration helps to floor you and encourages each bodily and psychological aid from the each day stressors of life. 

Step-by-Step Directions

  1. Start by sitting on the ground together with your legs straight out in entrance of you and fingers at your sides. For further cushioning, contemplate sitting on a yoga mat or blanket. 
  2. Bend your left knee and convey your left heel near your physique by your groin space. 
  3. Bend your proper knee and transfer it towards the entrance of the left ankle. 
  4. From this place, inhale and whilst you exhale, elevate your proper foot and place it simply above your left ankle. Convey your proper heel into your groin space. This step ought to really feel comfy. Don’t pressure it. 
  5. Slide the toes of your proper foot into the house between the left calf muscle tissues. This may assist to maintain your posture regular. 
  6. Take your fingers out of your sides and place them palms down on the knees. Your knees ought to contact the ground. You too can stretch your arms straight to the perimeters and relaxation the backs of your palms or wrists in your knees, so your palms face upwards. Should you can’t do that otherwise you expertise discomfort, use one of many modifications till you may have extra flexibility in your hips. 
  7. Sit upright together with your gaze going through ahead. There must be a pleasant, straight line from the highest of your head to the ground. 
  8. Keep right here and breathe deeply for one minute or longer. 

Frequent Errors

Crossing the Similar Leg

To carry out the Siddhasana accurately, you must change the leg you cross on high every time you maintain this pose. It’s not unusual for one facet to really feel extra versatile than the opposite. That’s why it’s essential to alternate legs. 

Forcing Your Knees Down

Should you’re new to this pose or you may have limitations in your hips or knees, don’t pressure your knees down so as to get nearer to the bottom. Solely go down so far as you are feeling comfy. And in the event you can’t get your knees in a snug place, sit on a folded blanket. This may assist take the strain off of your knees and hips. 

Rounding Your Higher and Decrease Again

Having an upright posture with a flat again and lengthy backbone is vital to the success of this pose, particularly throughout lengthy meditation periods. In case you have an inclination to spherical your decrease again, contemplate sitting together with your again flat towards a wall. 

Modifications and Variations

The Siddhasana is an important pose in most yoga sequences. With that in thoughts, there are methods to make it simpler and tougher. 

Want a Modification?

Should you really feel discomfort in your hips when performing the Siddhasana pose or your hips are too tight to do the transfer, sit on a folded blanket, so your hips are above the extent of your knees. If that is nonetheless not sufficient of a modification, contemplate including one other blanket or pillow to lift you up larger. To prep for this pose, attempt the Sukhasana or simple pose. This modified model of the Siddhasana adjustments the position of your ft, which helps you’re employed on energy and adaptability in your hips. 

Up for a Problem?

Since Siddhasana is a seated yoga posture generally used whereas meditating, a method you may make this pose tougher is to carry it for longer. That stated, it’s essential to take a conservative method when holding the pose for an prolonged time period. Begin with small increments resembling one minute and improve the length as you turn out to be extra accustomed to the pose. Since Siddhasana requires strict posture, it’s also possible to make this pose tougher by directing your vitality to sitting tall and lengthening your backbone.

Security and Precautions

The Siddhasana pose is usually protected for many health ranges. Nevertheless, when you have any knee, hip or sciatica points, it’s best to keep away from this train. Moreover, when you have points together with your ankles, be certain that to concentrate and tackle any discomfort or restricted vary of movement when performing this pose. Should you really feel any ache, cease and contemplate one of many modifications. Ease into the pose and keep away from forcing the place as you decrease your knees to the ground. It’s regular to really feel a stretch within the inside thighs, hips, and groin space, however it’s best to by no means really feel ache. 

Attempt It Out

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