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Learn how to Do Crow Pose (Bakasana) in Yoga

Additionally Identified As: Crane Pose, Frog Stand

Targets: Abdominals, arms, wrist, higher again

Stage: Intermediate

Crow Pose is usually the primary arm steadiness that yoga college students sort out. Although it appears to be like prefer it’s all about arm power, the keys are literally studying the place your heart of gravity is and methods to distribute your weight so as to steadiness.

The largest hurdle to beat is normally a reluctance to maneuver sufficient of your weight ahead into your arms. If you discover that candy spot, the ft simply pop off the ground virtually on their very own.


Crow Pose strengthens the wrist, forearms, and stomach whereas stretching your higher again. It improves steadiness and core power.

Mastering Crow builds your yoga confidence and opens the door to many extra poses involving arm steadiness. It may additionally enhance your consciousness of the place your physique is in house (known as proprioception) and improve your physique management.

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Step-by-Step Directions

Start by standing in Mountain Pose (Tadasana) along with your arms at your sides. Breathe steadily all through this pose.

  1. Bend your knees barely so as to convey your palms flat on the ground, about shoulder distance aside.
  2. Plant your palms firmly on the mat a couple of foot in entrance of your ft. Unfold your fingers extensive and press into the highest joint of every finger.
  3. Bend your elbows straight again. Do not bend them into full Chaturanga arms, however head in that path.
  4. Come up onto the balls of your ft and open your knees in order that they line up along with your higher arms.
  5. Place your knees on the backs of your higher arms.
  6. Start to convey your weight ahead into your arms, lifting your head as you go.
  7. Come up onto your tiptoes, lifting one foot after which the opposite off the ground.
  8. Have interaction the inside thighs for assist whereas protecting the knees on the arms.
  9. Hug your ft towards your butt.
  10. Concentrate on the sensation of the physique lifting. Keep away from sinking into the pose, which might dump weight into the shoulders.
  11. To return out, exhale and switch your weight again till your ft come again to the ground.

Frequent Errors

When you come up into the pose, don’t let your elbows splay out to both aspect. Maintain them according to your shoulders and wrists.

In any other case, you’ll be inserting an excessive amount of weight on the skin of the wrists, which might result in damage. You’ll be able to assist forestall this by actually gripping your fingertips into the bottom and ensuring your elbows are over your wrists.

Your knees must be as excessive up into your arms as you may get them, not permitting your legs to relaxation in your arms. Ensure you’re utilizing your core muscle tissues to carry the legs up and never simply relying in your hips.

Maintain your gaze lifted to the horizon. Don’t look down or let your head drop. This can trigger you to tip ahead and lose steadiness.

The trickiest a part of the pose is determining methods to switch sufficient weight onto your arms in order that your ft come up however you do not pitch ahead. Follow commonly at residence so that you be taught what utilizing the precise approach seems like.

Modifications and Variations

In the event you discover the transfer tough, there are modifications you should utilize till you construct your confidence. As soon as you’re adept on the pose, you possibly can add variations, such because the Facet Crow Pose.

Want a Modification?

Some folks like to begin out with a block beneath their ft. You’ll be able to do this and see the way it feels.

Elevate one foot at a time if you cannot fairly get each ft up but. This helps you construct power and get a really feel for the approach. 

Up for a Problem?

Work on straightening your arms, which then is correctly known as the Crane Pose.

You can even attempt leaping again to Chaturanga. In the event you’ve mastered that, attempt leaping from Downward Going through Canine (Adho Mukha Svanasana) instantly into Crow.

Transferring from Crow to Tripod Headstand (Salamba Sirasana II) and again provides one other ingredient of problem.

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Security and Precautions

It is a pose to keep away from when you have any wrist or shoulder damage or situation equivalent to carpal tunnel syndrome, and additionally it is not really helpful if you’re pregnant.

Put a blanket in entrance of you so you will not be afraid of hitting your head in case you fall. Chances are high you’ll tip ahead not less than as soon as whereas studying this pose. You need that to be as comfortable of a touchdown as potential.

Strive It Out

Incorporate this transfer and comparable ones into one among these standard exercises:

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