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Learn how to Do Reclined Hero Pose (Supta Virasana) in Yoga

Additionally Recognized As: Reclining Hero Pose, Saddle Pose, Fastened-Agency Pose

Targets: Toes, ankles, knees, quadriceps, psoas (deep hip flexor), backbone, abdominals

Stage: Intermediate

Hero Pose (Virasana) is intense sufficient for most individuals, particularly those that aren’t used to doing a lot stretching or have tight thighs. However for those who really feel such as you’ve gotten all you’ll be able to out of the seated pose, this reclined model presents a deeper quad stretch. 


Reclined Hero Pose offers an intense stretch for the entrance of your physique, together with your thighs, ft, and stomach muscle groups. Analysis confirms that this pose is useful for alleviating muscle rigidity, but additionally that it advantages the nervous system by way of bettering blood circulation.

Reclined Hero Pose is an efficient restorative yoga pose. Which means that it could actually assist chill out and open your physique. In case you have persistent low again ache, participating in restorative yoga could even cut back that ache with out the usage of medicines.

Step-by-Step Directions

Start Reclined Hero Pose by sitting in Hero Pose or Virasana. On this place, your higher physique is upright and your legs are bent again on the knees so your ft are on both aspect of your higher thighs. Take these steps subsequent:

  1. Deliver your fingers all the way down to the ground on both aspect of your thighs. Stroll your fingers again towards your butt as you lean your torso again.
  2. Bend at your elbows to come back down onto your forearms. If you’re sitting on a tall help, like a yoga block, that is so far as you need to go. If you’re sitting on a folded blanket, have blankets of the identical peak in place to help your backbone as you come down.
  3. If you happen to really feel snug in your forearms, you’ll be able to strive persevering with to launch your again towards (and finally reaching) the ground. 
  4. If you happen to really feel ache in your knees or low again, it could be a sign that you have gone too far on your physique. Return to your forearms as a substitute of decreasing your torso to the bottom.
  5. Make sure that your knees keep shut collectively. Do not allow them to separate. 
  6. Keep in a reclined place for 5 to 10 breaths.
  7. To come back out, increase your self onto your forearms first. Then press into your fingers to return your self to a sitting place.

Widespread Errors

As with Hero Pose, retaining aligned is essential. As you lean again, the knees tend to wish to separate. Monitor this and ensure they keep collectively, even when it means your again would not make all of it the way in which all the way down to the ground.

Modifications and Variations

Want a Modification?

As famous above, you should be cautious about reclining if you’re utilizing a prop underneath your butt. The best yoga tools on this state of affairs can be a bolster. That approach, if you lie again, the bolster helps the entire size of your backbone.

Up for a Problem?

You’ll be able to intensify the pose by extending your arms on the ground above your head. You may additionally wish to work as much as longer maintain instances. Each of those could make the Reclined Hero Pose more difficult.

Security and Precautions

It is best to keep away from Reclined Hero if in case you have again, knee, or ankle issues. And for those who really feel any ache by any means, come out of the pose. Utilizing bolsters can also be beneficial if you’re pregnant, placing much less stress in your rising stomach.

Getting a foot cramp is a typical drawback throughout Virasana, in addition to in yoga basically. In case your foot begins to cramp, strive curling your toes and tucking them underneath your foot. Massaging the arch of your foot may ease the stress as effectively.

Attempt It Out

Incorporate this transfer (and comparable poses) into one in all these standard exercises:

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