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Find out how to Do Little Thunderbolt Pose (Laghu Vajrasana) in Yoga

Targets: Chest, stomach, quadriceps

Gear Wanted: Mat

Degree: Superior

Little Thunderbolt (Laghu Vajrasana) is included in Ashtanga yoga’s second collection. The Ashtanga model is finished together with your palms in your ankles. The variation proven right here deepens the depth of the backbend by bringing the crown of your head to your ft and the palms to your thighs. The Ashtanga model is definitely fairly accessible in case you are comfy in Camel Pose (Ustrasana). Reducing backward and lifting up with management actually works the thighs. You should use this pose in sequences which can be centered on the again, coronary heart openers, and core. To heat up for this pose, it’s best to do Solar Salutations and poses that open the hips and chest.


This pose will increase spinal mobility; opens the throat, chest, psoas, and quadriceps; strengthens the abdominals and spinal assist muscle tissues. Practising this pose will assist strengthen your legs as wanted for deeper backbends. It opens the third eye chakra, throat chakra, and coronary heart chakra.

Step-by-Step Directions

Start in a kneeling place together with your thighs perpendicular to the ground.

  1. Carry your chest to elongate your backbone as you progress again to Camel Pose.
  2. Convey your palms to understand your ankles.
  3. Drop your head again. 
  4. With management that comes from grounding via the legs, drop your head again and slowly decrease the crown to the bottom, coming right into a backbend.
  5. Hold your arms straight and maintain on to your ankles the entire time.
  6. To come back out, have interaction the core and draw your self again as much as kneeling.

Widespread Errors

Keep away from these errors to do that pose appropriately.

Making an attempt Earlier than Prepared

That is an intense pose and may solely be tried by college students with a robust back-bending apply. You need to be coached by a yoga teacher when first training this pose.

Crunching Decrease Again

Ensure that to maintain chest transferring up and the glutes tender to elongate the backbone and keep away from crunching the decrease again.

Modifications and Variations

This pose will take apply. As soon as you are able to do it with good type, there are methods to deepen it.

Want a Modification?

Camel Pose is a extra average model and good preparatory pose.

In case you have issue decreasing your self the entire approach or coming again up, decrease your self solely midway and maintain earlier than arising. One other modification is to position a block below your head.

Up for a Problem?

In case you have a bendier again, do this variation:

  • As an alternative of holding your ankles, preserve your palms in your thighs as you drop again.
  • When your head involves the bottom, slide your palms down your thighs towards your knee.

This can be a tighter model of the pose. Protecting your palms in your thighs signifies that your head might come to relaxation between your ft.

Security and Precautions

Don’t carry out this superior pose when you’ve got not perfected your Camel Pose. Keep away from it when you’ve got accidents to your neck, again, or knees.

Strive It Out

Incorporate this transfer and comparable ones into one among these widespread exercises:

  • Yoga poses to your quads
  • Coronary heart opening yoga poses
  • Yoga poses for swimmers

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