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Methods to Do Palms and Knees Steadiness (Dandayamana Bharmanasana) in Yoga

verywell / Ben Goldstein 

Additionally Recognized As: Balancing Desk Pose, Hen Canine Pose

Targets: Steadiness, core

Stage: Newbie

Palms and Knees Steadiness Pose is a superb place to begin to work on that each one essential but elusive key to so many yoga poses—core power. It is low to the bottom and straightforward to launch rapidly should you really feel like you are going to fall, which takes care of lots of the uneasiness individuals really feel round steadiness challenges. It is also straightforward to scale it up right into a backbend or by throwing in some crunches if you find yourself prepared.


This pose improves steadiness and core power. You’ll stretch and strengthen your gluteus maximus, hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, biceps, triceps, and core muscle groups. The steadiness and stability problem interact your core muscle groups. This pose can assist you enhance your physique consciousness and posture. It additionally supplies an excellent basis for different yoga poses that require steadiness and stability.

Step-by-Step Directions

  1. Come on to all fours with the wrists beneath the shoulders and the knees beneath the hips.
  2. Prolong your proper foot to the again of your mat and flex your foot.
  3. Elevate your proper leg as much as hip stage, maintaining your hips squared in the direction of the ground and your foot flexed.
  4. Elevate your left arm as much as shoulder stage, maintaining the arm straight. Level your thumb towards the ceiling as should you had been going to shake somebody’s hand or flip your palm to face the ground.
  5. Steadiness on the left knee and proper hand, maintaining the backbone impartial and the neck lengthy. Your gaze needs to be on the ground.
  6. Keep 5 to 10 breaths earlier than decreasing the lifted hand and knee. Spend just a few breaths on all fours to get your strong basis again, then do the pose on the opposite facet.

Frequent Errors

Keep away from these errors to get essentially the most from this pose.

Collapsing Backbone

Take care that your backbone doesn’t collapse right into a Cow Pose place if you are balancing. In case your abdomen drops it might place stress in your decrease again. Interact your core and glutes to maintain your backbone in impartial place.

Tensed Shoulders

Do not let your shoulders hover subsequent to your ears. Preserve your shoulders down and chest broad. Think about lifting up and out of the shoulder versus sinking into the shoulder joint.

Modifications and Variations

As with most yoga poses, you are able to do this pose in several methods to make it extra accessible or progress your follow.

Want a Modification?

It is OK should you wobble a little bit at first. Simply do your finest to maintain each limbs lifted off the ground. To make kneeling extra comfy, you possibly can place a folded blanket below your knees.

Up for a Problem?

Do some crunches wherein you spherical your backbone (like Cat Pose place) to carry your knee and elbow to satisfy below your stomach, then re-extend them. Repeat 5 occasions on all sides, shifting with the breath. Prolong the hand and foot away from each other in your inhalations and convey your knee and elbow collectively in your exhalations.

Another choice is to bend the knee in your prolonged leg. The only of your foot will likely be dealing with the ceiling. Attain round behind your again along with your prolonged arm and maintain on to the within of your foot along with your thumb pointing towards your toes. You may keep right here or kick into your hand with the foot to raise the leg and convey your backbone into extension (a backbend).

Security and Precautions

Keep away from this pose when you’ve got an damage to your knee, shoulder, again, or hip. Whereas it’s a good prenatal yoga pose, you need to use care or keep away from it within the third trimester. If you happen to really feel any ache, finish the pose.

 Attempt It Out

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